Choc Electrique Album Launch

Since my last review, Choc Electrique have been working hard for the imminent release of their album ‘The Looking Glass Self’. The launch party taking place at Zanzibar this Friday (17th October) doors are at 7pm, its £6 on the night and only £8 with a copy of the album. As well as Choc Electrique playing their shiny new album the line-up will be completed by The Polyveldts, Creeps, Last Line Out, Hegarty and Stereo Electric Mistress, needless to say it’ll be a good night of live music! And the chance to hear a new album by a local band, an album I think you should invest in….

When previously writing about Choc Electrique I wrote about their mix of influences and blending of techniques, they’ve continued this unique style with The Looking Glass Self. All you have to do is listen to the first few minutes of the album to be convinced of this, the intro to Sugarcoated, the first song of the album, is packed full of the electric energy Choc Electrique have made themselves synonymous with.

The building energy of this intro really sets the stage for the rest of the album before being quickly contrasted with the rough, almost punk vocals that drives the other side of the album. The side that is unapologetic and demands attention, the Rock attitude we all fell in love with runs through the heart and soul of this album, they seem to maintain the tried and tested whilst also shooting off in many musical directions. I’d say my favourite part of this album is the pure variety of styles, Choc Eletrique are certainly not afraid to try something new, it is a massive picnic of influences I don’t dare to guess at! All I know is I like it!

The best way of hearing this album will undoubtedly be to witness it live, so get yourselves to Zanzibar this Friday. See you there!

Emily Wright