Hailing from Frankfurt, Liverpool welcomes Leonie Jakobi and her no-nonsense, heavy-hitting rock sound to our city. Growing up with sounds like The Beatles and Bruce Springsteen, her style combines a mixture of folk, pop and rock, evident of those early influences to present a wide variety of movement and emotion in a single track. Leonie states her upcoming single Are You Lonely Enough? as a ‘product of years of sound and soul searching’. Certainly the accumulated work stemming into this piece of music has created a fantastic song that builds into its own anthemic cresendo.

Are You Lonely Enough? pushes the music along, from delicate introduction backed with that thumping, almost tribal, drum rhythm that lifts with every step along the way. Swirling through, Leonie’s vocals push to the front of the music, the bass holding strong with that gritty constant that binds it together.
With the release set for 21/02/2020 we can only hope this is followed by more new music to come! Keep an eye out for her live dates.
Find Leonie Jakobi online and Social Media:
Instagram @leoniejakobi 
Michael Fell