As we all continue our endeavours to avoid monotony and keep spirits high, local four piece Courting put smiles on faces with their third single David Byrne’s Badside as we sit back and enjoy their mockery of modern day Britain.

A lively string arrangement opens the track as lead singer Sean takes to the stage delivering witty, cutting remarks and assessments on British culture from the outset. Courting strike the balance perfectly of blending both amusing anecdotes and semi-serious facets throughout. The structure and beat feels Libertines-esque for it’s raw and chaotic nature whilst being cut from the same cloth as the track Mr Clean by The Jam for it’s amusing aggression. 

Lead singer Sean is relentless from start to finish on vocals setting the pace for the string section and drum beat to follow. They sign off in style in the final third with the arrival of a saxophone almost out of thin air. Eyebrows raised yet toes continue to tap before we play out to the energetic beat we have grown extremely fond of. 

This, Courting’s third single and for my money, their best to date. I love how comfortable they are in their own shoes and how much they back themselves. I love that they sell t-shirts with “better than Oasis” labelled on the front. Excitement builds to await what Courting throw at us next.

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Jamie Hankin