Ever since Bongo’s Bingo made its debut at Liverpool’s Camp & Furnace several years ago, it has garnered praise from everyone who’s been, becoming a word of mouth phenomenon which has to be experienced!

This week they announced their biggest shows to date with very special guest – Kelis! Set to take place in a bigger venue down at Bramley Moore Dock, Bongo’s Bingo goes from strength to strength and shows no signs of slowing down. So, for those who don’t know and haven’t experienced it, we’ll give you an idea of what to expect without spoiling the whole night for you.

We recently attended the Paddy’s Day/Weekend specials with special guests B*Witched – no brainer – and the atmosphere was electric when we arrived with a clear mix of first timers and Bongo’s fanatics. You’ll receive your bingo book on the way in along with a prize draw token that you’ll need for the entire night in case your number is called, giving the you chance to make your way up to the main stage and answer a question (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire style) for your chance to win cold hard cash!

When the bingo actually starts the noise is crazy and everyone adopts full-on party mode…expect crazy prizes like cardboard cut outs of celebrities (as it was Paddy’s weekend we had Irish stars including Liam Neeson), a Henry Hoover and the best prize of the night – a mobility scooter!

Now, about the actual bingo, you will be playing bingo so eyes down and concentrate as you do not want to call ‘BINGO!’ unless you have definitely got a line or full house…. if you make a false call expect ridicule from Jonny Bongo and crew as well as the entire crowd.

Also, don’t expect to get through a game of bingo without impromptu mini-raves. The number 33 represents Ireland so you’ll need to get yourself up out your seat and doing an Irish jig, sharpish. And once you’ve played a couple of games of bingo there’s nothing better than a 10 minute power-rave featuring all your favourite dance classics, complete with glow sticks.

So, basically if you haven’t played Bongo’s Bingo yet then you really need to. One more reason to give it a go? The guys travel all around the world to bring Bongo’s Bingo  to the masses, including Dubai, where they just won the Time Out Dubai Award for ‘The Most Original Night Out’.

Tickets are now on sale for Bongo’s Bingo Feat. Kelis, grab yours while you can from the official Bongo’s Bingo website here