Do you own a local business? Whether it’s a cafe, hardware store, or contracting service, the internet can help you boost your lead generation and your sales. Many business owners assume that they don’t need the internet to market their business. After all, they only serve a niche community in a city or town, right?

Many business owners who decide to develop a website for their company only use it as an information site. As a result, it hangs out on the internet, doing nothing to promote the company. What if we told you a website could take your local business to the next level?

Your website acts as a lead generation machine, bringing you a flow of new customers from your local area and even around the globe. If you’re thinking about taking your business online, here are a few reasons why your local business needs a good website design. Before you dive into the deep end of the cyber-pool, you should enlist the help of a local web design company in Liverpool such as Blue Whale Media.

Build A Brand Online And Stand Out from The Competition

A website helps you stand out from your competitors. With the right design, you build an online brand that signifies your company’s values, separating you from the competition. When people want something you sell, they automatically think of your brand and business as their go-to provider.

Your website acts as the online touchstone between your business and the market. By giving your website a custom design that emulates your company values, you project your brand into cyberspace, establishing your company as the authority in the industry.

Drive Qualified Local Traffic To Your Store

A fully functional website acts as a marketing tool for your company. Design is more than how your website looks. It acts as a tool to capture prospects and push them into your sales funnel. Many business owners believe that there is no point in marketing outside their local area and that strategy is a mistake.

Your website gives your company global reach, pushing your brand into public awareness. Sure, you might say that you can’t ship a cup of coffee across stateliness, and that’s true. However, if you own a company like a hardware store, you could set up an online store that serves the entire country.

Even if you own a coffee shop, a functional website with the right social marketing tools can push your local business into the limelight, getting more attention from your local community. Using tools like Facebook Ads lets you target people local to your area, driving your adverts into their feed.

Local Business Website Support

Collect Data On Your Customers

Your website design should include “lead magnets” to capture customer data, allowing you to build an email list for marketing purposes.

For instance, you could set up a Facebook or Instagram ad offering people a voucher for a free cup of coffee if they visit the link in your Facebook post and enter their email address in the capture form on your website.

As you collect data, it gives you a chance to launch future marketing campaigns to clients that know your business and reside in your local area. As a result, you start receiving more foot traffic to your coffee shop.

Start Retargeting Your Customers

Data is everything in the information age. With your newly acquired list of prospects, you get the chance to retarget your customers with advertising campaigns. It’s a great strategy for reaching qualified customers in your local area.

For example, you could run a campaign offering every fifth cup of coffee free for people that register on your website. When they visit your site, the CTA (call-to-action) buttons on your homepage can prompt visitors to enter their information.

Build Your Reputation

A well-designed website can boost the prospects and earnings for your local business, growing your reputation in the local market. In today’s hyper-connected world, people will talk about your website and company, creating more social proof for your business that leads to more customers and more sales.

Wrapping Up – Work With Professionals

Many Liverpool business owners make the mistake of trying to design their websites themselves to save on costs. However, you wouldn’t give a new employee the responsibility of running your business, would you? So, why try and build a site yourself when you don’t know anything about web design?

Work with a professional team that understands your business goals. Expert web designers may cost you a bit, but they are worth every penny when you start to see the results of more customers visiting your store.