On Tuesday 6th September, Veeno the Italian Wine Café will be donating all of its profits towards providing vital aid to those caught up in the Italian earthquake disaster. Veeno will be partnering with a branch of Rotary International in Rieti, Italy in order to deliver much-needed essentials to those affected by the devastation.

Rotaract Rieti are working hard on the ground to supply basic necessities including first aid equipment and personal hygiene supplies as well as batteries and torches in order to make life a little more comfortable for survivors in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Speaking to Nino Caruso & Andrea Zecchino, Veeno’s co-founders, they said, “Even if we are far away from what happened, it really is the least we can do in order to help our home country, a nation that gave us the chance to build Veeno as it is today. Through working with the Rotary club of Rieti, we can be sure that the funds we raise will have an immediate impact on the ground in the areas affected by the truly awful disaster.”

Profits from sales in each of Veeno’s eight cafés as well online sales from www.theveenostore.com on Tuesday 6th September will be sent to Rotaract Rieti in order to provide immediate support.