Hope Street’s Trunk Lounge is serving up exceptional Mediterranean tapas.

The old saying of first impressions being the best is a cliché, but as experience tells us, more often than not, it’s based on fact. And we all know that the eating out experience really starts not when the plates are served, but when you actually come through the door. Those first impressions of the décor, the Front Of House welcoming, the service, they all sink in, whether consciously or not. 

Trunk Lounge had us as soon as we arrived. The dining space is nice and airy, with a clever use of lighting. It is warm and welcoming, just like Estera, acting tonight as Front Of House, who displayed throughout our time an air of friendly professionalism. As, I may say, did the rest of the staff. So before we actually got down to sampling the dishes, we were just rooting for the place to succeed.  

Trunk Lounge Tapas

So service and food is the Ying and Yang of the experience, and Trunk Lounge does not disappoint. Sometimes tapas style eating can leave you either too empty or too full – and Trunk Lounge hits the sweet spot. Four tapas each fitted the bill and every dish did not disappoint. 

The anchovies were delicately fried and seasoned, the Langostinos huge and succulent, the Lamb Kofte superb and enough to turn anyone indifferent into an avid admirer, the sculptured Chorizo so aesthetic that Barbara Hepworth would be inspired… 

Trunk Lounge Restaurant Liverpool

Trunk Lounge, had so far, done everything right. We were now heading toward the final furlough of sweet and coffees, and we didn’t want a Crisp style failure during the latter stages of the 1973 Grand National. But in this alternative culinary universe, Crisp beats Red Rum. We concluded by devouring the salted caramel cheesecake, a real pallet cleanser and two superb coffees, a delightful way to finish our time at Trunk Lounge. 

Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter is a favourite place to visit, and the addition of  Trunk Lounge bolsters this allure. The food and service could not be faulted, and with their special two course menu, it’s superb value for money at £14.95.

Trunk Lounge Restaurant Med Tapas

We went on a Monday evening, and the place was ticking over just nicely. Super food, super service. The kitchen brigade worked seamlessly with the Front Of House staff, both groups communicating efficiently and enthusiastically. Many thanks to Estera, Lily, Carley, Sarah, Sean and Ethan – you were all fantastic. Trunk Lounge is a concept which I have no doubt will be a great success, especially if this team  keeps together!

To find out more about Trunk Lounge and to book a table visit https://trunkcollective.co.uk/

Steve Kinrade