It’s a Wednesday night and I enter TriBeCa, bar and pizzeria on Smithdown Road, and the atmosphere is buzzing which is a great sign for any restaurant midweek. Nearly all the tables are full and it smells fantastic.

The place is filled with cosy booths, which were all taken, along with small tables and chairs that look like they were from school, so my two friends and I opted for a big rustic table that could easily hold a group of 10. The lighting is moody, perfect for a first date kinda’ venue, and the interior has some quirky features such as retro wallpaper, unusual light fixtures hanging down above tables and a large, dominating print of a woman adorning the wall.

After struggling to read the menu in the romantic lighting (unfortunately our table did not have a funky light above it), we had to try and pick what pizza we wanted out of an array of wonderful flavour combinations. It was really difficult to know whether to play it safe with the likes of the classic ‘Margarita’, or to be bold and try ‘Irish Breakfast.’

After much deliberating, the friendly waiter came and took our order. We opted for an antipasto platter at £6.95 to start that consisted of parma ham, salami, olives, sun-blushed tomatoes, two different types of gorgeous smelly cheeses and some bread to grab it all with. It arrived swiftly and was delicious, just the right size and we consumed it with minutes. The pizzas arrived shortly after and we all gasped at the size as we had ordered one each, when really, you could share one between two and be content. Nonetheless, we all gave it a good go.

My pizza was covered in a gorgeous pesto sauce with pieces of roasted lemon and herb chicken and it just melted in the mouth. My two friends opted for the ‘Quattro Stagioni’, a pizza with 4 different flavoured sections that consisted of roasted peppers, ham, mushrooms, pepperoni, mozzarella and grana padano, and the ‘Mama’s Meatballs. They were all handmade, thin Italian pizzas and sure enough, we all ate the lot.

The bar also had midweek offers on selected drinks of bottle beers and cocktails starting from £2.00 so that combined with the price of the pizza averaging at around £6.95, made for a nice quality cheap eat.

Our night was rounded off with some complimentary shots from our waiter (who doesn’t like free stuff?!) so it was a great end to a great night. I will be returning.

Laura Evans