Yeah yeah, you’ve seen a million posts that list things like this? but being an grumpy older nerdy man, I can tell you there are things you missed! and it will take you a long time to work through all of these. Lets delve in then..and there is so much watching you cant be bored, it would take a year to get through all of this!

10. Westworldwest

This new re imagined series has some stunning VFX, as well as an over arching story that keeps you hooked. Its just going into season 3 now, no spoilers, but let’s just say.. the world is not what it seems to be! it was for me a bit heavy going at first, but there are enough black mirror moments to keep you wondering where it is headed. There are going to be a lot of confusions ahead.

9. Third Rock From The Sun


This probably the best comedy / sci fi crossover I can think of. It has it all, not only the oddness of a family who are not a family trying to fit into suburban America in the 90’s its quirky characters and lovable feels will keep you watching. It is very strange how in the end, it shows you more about how we value things, rather than emotions- the aliens after all, are not a family, but a team. As the series goes on, however, they become a family, more due to the pressures of earth life and in the end, show us how good we all can be, and how silly.

8. Star trek: Voyager

janewayOk, your not a trekkie, we get it! but hear me out. This series was released just after the first season of deep space nine, and the premise is simple: Female captain, and they are basically stranded in a part of the galaxy that at maximum warp would take 70+ years to get back to earth. With me?

Initially this was beset with bad ratings, but as the series progressed more interesting storylines tell a more intricate tale, how the crews are forced to work together (yeah, about 1/4 are terrorists!) and how, in the end, its the journey that matters, and we get to see the Borg homeworld, lost Klingons, go back in time to 1996 (ah yes, such a time!) and even meet viruses that get a big as watermelons. what fun.

7. Buffy the vampire slayergiphy buffy

First it was a movie with mediocre ratings yet a solid almost cult fanbase, this TV show in the 90s became something really fun. Premise: the blonde kills the monsters not the other way around. As the series progressed, darker more interwoven storylines took over, and Joss Whedon made his mark. Some of the episodes are stand out, and take the series into something else: I wont spoil it, as I think all of it is best watched, YES IN ORDER. In the end, well, its the end of the world.. or is it?


6. Dr Who: Bad Wolf


I am calling Christopher Eccleston’s time as Dr Who (number 9 or ten, depending on who you ask!) as the bad wolf series. This kick started the re working of the classic character, with Russel T Davies at the helm, an over arching story line with some classic moments and of course, DALEKS. It is a brilliant set of episodes, and regardless of who you like, it propelled Dr. Who into the mainstream again. Always worth a re watch, just for the line.. “you would make a good Dalek”


5. Stargate SG-1


Ok this is the motherlode of Sci fi, the original movie from 1994 was a simple idea, back in the day in Egypt, the ruler was actually an alien (parasite) and used a device called a Stargate to get people to and from earth. us being the bastards we are, over threw him (Ra) and buried the gate to stop any more shit coming our way. But of course it got dug up and then a load of shenanigans begin, being travel to other worlds, all run by the US air force. its very plausible.

The series from the film spans 10 seasons, and there are two sub series (Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe). To watch all of this, you will need a LOT of time to spend, and this seems like what we all have at the moment. and no, Jaffa are not cakes

4. Star trek: The Original Series

star trek 420

What else could be binged than this, yes the original Star Trek series. not only is it seminal in having the first ever interracial kiss on TV (that was banned a lot!) but it brought us the Vulcan salute, Klingons, the Enterprise, and everything else trek that followed. The vision of space faring humans, back in the 60s was not just a possibility, it was happening with moon landings. Now, we take space travel as a given, back then it was a hope for brighter future. Such times may happen again, let’s hope!

3. Star trek: Deep Space Nine

star trek deep space nine hd blurayOriginally this was going to be something else, namely a jumping off point (which in the end, it was, for Voyager). DS-9 is more about relationships in space, than the sci-fi elements of trek. if you like your soaps, this is for you. Then of course, major change with the outbreak of war, and all that comes with that, it tackles difficult issues, PTSD, depression, loss of family and all that comes with it. It may SEEM sugar coated at first, but it builds character arcs that are second to none, my favourite being Garrack. lots to watch, even more to digest. give it a try.

2. Star trek: the next generation

enterprise next gen

Season 1, well try and skip it if you can, its terrible! but as things develop, it becomes its own thing and does it well. Setting up the other treks on the list, not to mention a few movies, its a good romp in the main. And yes it does tackle dilemmas and morality, the one stand out episode for me is one where a main crew member is wounded and told he cant walk again, without assistance, and he wishes to die…very hard hitting at times, it is not to be looked down on, despite the ridiculous outfits. 7 series should keep you going.

1. Battlestar Galactica (re-imagined)

battlestar galactica rebootThis is a tough one to add, simply as it really is so good. Not only did this series re- work something I saw as a kid and shape it differently, which i found hard to stand at first, it made things a bit more gritty and nervous in the sci-fi genre that since it was made, other series have tried to replicate. There is no comparison though, this is a tough thing to watch. There are murders, the brutality of war, the pain and suffering of people on the run. It truly is a spectacle.. for me the ending was actually perfect, others would disagree, but i will stand by it as the best thing on my list. So say we all!