Smithdown Road used to be a place only known for the Brookhouse. Now it’s a busy, vibrant street lined with a mixture of businesses, both chain and independent. Tiny Rick’s Cafe is the UK’s first cereal and boardgame cafe, right here in Liverpool! Owners Cliff and Poppy want to create a fun, safe space for people to do something different and enjoy themselves.

Tiny Rick’s Cafe have a large range of both cereal and boardgames. Their rarest cereal is from Taiwan and their oldest board game is a beautiful vintage 1979 game called “I Vant To Bite Your Finger.” Tiny Rick’s have something for everyone, from students to families looking to do something different.

Tiny Rick's Liverpool

We arrived an hour after after opening on a Friday afternoon, excited to eat cereal and play an obscure board games. Tiny Rick’s is bright, welcoming and is filled with boxes of colourful cereal and board games from all over the world. A great deal of care and attention has gone into making Tiny Rick’s, and Cliff & Poppy’s passion shows as we talk favourite board games and cereals.

As well as having a wide range of board games, Tiny Rick’s have a huge selection of cereal! They even have a cereal cocktail menu, with 80’s themed names. We ordered the Coco Pop Gun (coco pops, chocolate Shreddies, popping candy, chocolate whipped). We also got a gingerbread latte, a bowl of Reece’s Puffs with almond milk and a hot chocolate with a huge marshmallow.  It was such a good snack while you’re playing a board game. If one bowl of cereal isn’t enough for you, you can attempt the cereal challenge: £12 bowls in one hour for £1 each. Beat it and get your name on the leaderboard!

Tiny Rick's Cereal cafe smithdown road liverpool

After eating our cereal, we played Bill and Ted’s Excellent Board Game but Buck-a-Roo was also a strong contender. Tiny Rick’s don’t start charging you until you start playing – particularly helpful if you like to thoroughly read the rules before playing!

Tiny Rick's Cafe Smithdown Road Liverpool Tiny Rick's Cereal Cafe Liverpool

Tiny Rick’s Cafe are a part of the Chatty Cafe Scheme, encouraging people from all walks of life to come in and have a chat at an allocated table. They also do a free cereal day, where every customer gets a free small bowl of cereal. Keep an eye out for future events including autism friendly days and a possible speed gaming dating night.

Tiny Rick’s, Smithdown Road

You can find Tiny Rick’s Cafe on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They also have a gofundme page that you can donate to. Make sure you get yourself down to Smithdown Road for something more adventurous than a bowl of cornflakes and a game of Cluedo.

Danielle White – The Breakfast Club Blog