Liverpool Noise have another song for your listening pleasure! This time we are delighted to have The Letrasets and their latest in a series of 4 singles, Fruit Juicefor their release on 6 June.

Tying in nicely for the weekend to catch up on the rest of their songs (if you haven’t already), their latest output has marked a slightly darker turn in the groups usual genre of jangle-indie-pop and given us a taste of their musical flexibility and talent.

Packed with punchy rhythms and recorded in Parr Street Studios with producer Alex Quinn at the helm, it’s undertone is the tale of excessive drinking ‘one more drink, i’m drinking way too fast…’ which, led by the powerful vocals of Tom Gamble, sets the scene beautifully for the crashy cymbals, tight stabs and chorusy-swirly guitars led by Kel Rakkar & Iggy Fletcher with Lew Alcock behind the kit. The band comprise of 4 young lads from around the UK who have made Liverpool their home and platform for their music. Though you wouldn’t tell, they’re still relatively new from their beginnings in the Summer of 2018, from that point going to support the likes of SPINN in the 02 Academy Liverpool and performing to a sold-out Sound Basement back in February!

On the unusual artwork, Gamble said “The artwork was originally going to follow along similar lines to the artwork we did for our previous single Cherry Blue, however we thought of doing a picture montage and started messing around in photoshop with some pictures taken from our mate Sean Tadman who’s one of our photographers at gigs. The 2 skateboarders on there are a reference to a T-Shirt design and backdrop we did for our headline show at sound basement. We’ve always tried to make everything for the band fit together like a sort of story I suppose. The giant lizard however is just there because Kell likes lizards, you can never take yourselves too seriously as a band I think.”

The whirl of sound and drive at the end of the track is ultimately what makes this song and you feel like it’s always been building up to the last few moments. Bold and striking lyrics mixed with the ferocity of the instruments have combined to give a wonderful climax to the bands track.

According to Tom, it’s certainly one that they’re proud of as a whole.  “I think the new single is definitely my favourite out of the ones we’ve recorded until now. It was the first song we ever wrote and it’s really not changed much since we wrote it way back 2 summers ago. I think my favourite part about it is the bridge and the last chorus. Our producer Alex Quinn is really good at picking out any stuff we need to add, and helping us layer loads of sounds together to get a big sound, and I really like how it all comes together in the last chorus. There’s loads of different parts in that section all layered together that come in and out of the mix depending on how high or low they are and I think it sounds really cool.”

All the best to the lads on what is an incredible start and with their eyes fixed on festival spots (fingers crossed) this Summer, you can be sure that you’ll be seeing them on bigger and better stages as they power their way through!

Fruit Juice is out on all major streaming platforms on 6 June.
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