The Heavy North are back with new track, Bring Me Love; an ardent statement of what to expect from their upcoming EP.

Since the global pandemic has placed the entertainment industry on hold, many artists have been given the opportunity to hone their songwriting abilities. Whilst live shows may seem like a distant memory, the passionate artists of the Liverpool music scene are keen to ensure that we have something to look forward to once this nightmare is well and truly over. Amidst this coterie of willing musicians is the newly birthed blues-rock band, The Heavy North.

Having recently released their last single Lying to Yourself in May, The Heavy North have announced the release of their next single Bring Me Love on the 4 September. The track, produced by the bands own guitarist Jose Ibanez at 3rd Planet Recordings, is one of four songs that will feature on their debut EP Dive Bar Blues.

Opening with an addictive blues-rock riff on the guitar, the tracks reminds you of an iconic sound of rock that has been forgotten among the plethora of new psychedelic-grunge bands that currently inhabit the community of indie-rock music. Continuing this riff with flams on the snare, in order to really get your blood pumping, the intro explodes into a massacre of sound until lead singer Kenny Stewart controls the noise with his soulful vocal delivery.

The verse continues with a lo-fi effect on the drum kit during the breaks of the lead riff, allowing for the stand-alone vocals to remain headbang-worthy up until we reach a compellingly addictive chorus. The chorus itself has a captivating essence to it that seems almost vintage, yet somehow contemporary, permitting a notion that these guys are bringing classic rock and roll back to the brit-rock scene but with a modern twist.

As the lead single for their debut EP, the track provides a propitious foundation for what could come. The track seems timeless. Now it is a question of whether this timeless sound can continue throughout the EP. Frontman Kenny Stewart stated “We re-recorded our new track Bring Me Love in Jul and it was great when the five of us returned to the studio after a lockdown break. We’ve also teamed up with our mate Dan (Freakbeat Films) to film another video for the release which we’ll be releasing soon”

It would seem that a national lockdown was a promising opportunity for this collective of passionate musicians. Once the live sector is up and running at its full potential once again, The Heavy North will be first in line to demonstrate how they’ve honed their creative ability.

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Harry Breen