The Cheap Thrills Party is just the track we needed to break us out of our Coronavirus, mid-lockdown melancholy.

The power of music is never to be understated. The manner in which a song can at times be there for you is a trait of such magnitude. Following the success of their Vue Du Monde EP, The Cheap Thrills return with their latest single Party and provide the spring in our step so greatly appreciated in light of recent events. 

Three minutes and seven seconds of joy personified; Party is also a song to fit the season. The soundtrack of Winter turning to Spring and the possibilities that the change of seasons can bring. The track is armed with a beaming melody and warming lyrics painting a picture of friends and loved ones being there for each other. Codependence if you like. The notion of spirits being lifted by festivities prominent throughout. The track’s structure like previous Thrills tunes is again extremely impressive, the fade into the pre-chorus building anticipation as we await the chorus and delirious disco that follows. A chorus craved for it’s catchy and bouncing beat. Party is feel good music in it’s purest and most relatable form and is almost certain to be a hit with The Cheap Thrills growing army of adorers. 

It would be negligent to fail to mention that Saturday 11th April was set to be a party of our own in The Arts Club. The Cheap Thrills playing host to a 1000 strong guest list, yet the pandemic has meant that our festivities have been placed on hold. This latest track has left our dancing shoes gagging for an outing and our ears close to the ground as we await news of a new date to mark in our diaries. “I’d like to tell you that you’re coming too” because you would be daft to miss it. “Quick get a move on, go put your shoes on”. 

Party is out now; listen on Spotify.

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Jamie Hankin