Relatively new to the music scene, The Butes have just announced their first single releases on a Double A Side EP – two chilled rock ‘n’ roll songs that are sure to become top of your late-summer playlist.

The Wirral boys – Philip Collier, Adam Webb, Jon Couch and Sean Dagnall – all have a background in music, and it’s clear from these two tracks that they know how to collaborate to produce some catchy tunes.

‘(And I Will Say) Thank You’ has all the makings of an Artic-Monkeys-style indie hit. The boys have already fine-tuned their act here with the singer’s growl perfected to a tee, bringing grit to the song’s instrumentals. The single as a whole seems to be a two-fingers-up to relationships that have ended badly, with a bittersweet charm that means you can’t help but relate to the lyrics.


‘Moll Flanders’, by contrast, is far more slicked back, with a nod or two to the folk and country music realms. We hear a completely different side to the vocalist and even the pulse of guitar and drums is more stripped back, with an overall optimistic outlook. The chorus of ‘didly-doos’ is a definite highlight thrown into the mix, and you can just imagine the eponymous heroine of Daniel Defoe’s novel dancing along to this on a meadow at sundown.

If these two songs are anything to go by, fans can all except to be delivered, as the namesake (bute) means, ‘a pleasant surprise’, based upon the sheer diversity of the band.


Keeping things local, The Butes recorded ‘(And I Will Say) Thank You’ and ‘Moll Flanders’ at Crosstown Studios in the outskirts of Liverpool, and they’ve already played a couple of gigs in the city, but they definitely have room to grow their crowds beyond Liverpool in the near future.

Listen to the two singles on the band’s Soundcloud and YouTube accounts, or stream them through Spotify. Keep up with all the band’s latest releases and gig announcements by giving them a follow on Facebook and Twitter @the_butes.

Tilly Martin