The Boy With Tape On His Face is a New Zealander residing in London, who has created one of the most unique, entertaining and humorous stand up shows in the country, if not the world. ‘The Boy’, as we will call him for short, uses a show completely of mime to create some hilarious situations. Now be warned – the show is heavily based on crowd participation and if ‘The Boy’ picks you there isn’t much getting out of it, without looking like more of a fool than actually participating, so it’s best to go and just enjoy yourself. Without giving too much away, all his mimes are light-hearted and no one is made to look totally stupid. It is a charming sort of comedy and some of his routines are truly unique and darn right funny.

‘The Boy’ returns to Liverpool on 29th May at the Unity Theatre. If you are up for a laugh and want a great, unparalleled night of comedy then get your tickets now. We had a great time when we seen ‘The Boy’ last year, you can really let yourself go and enjoy the silliness of the night. If you’re dubious of just how entertaining an act can be when there’s no talking then you just need to see for yourself how ‘The Boy’ can capture the audiences attention from the start right til the hilarious climax of his shows.For tickets visit the Unity Theatre website.