Bold Street Liverpool

As usual I was wandering round town looking for coffee. Coffee and cake if possible, but definitely coffee. I saw some little tables down a little side road and decided to investigate. The Stormy T Cup resides underneath the Dr Feelgood Tattoo Parlour just off Bold Street. It has some really interesting art adorning its walls and a real BoHo feel to it, often missing in the shinier establishments in the city. It put me in mind of the sadly departed Mellomello, with its slightly mismatched furniture and homely vibe (homely in the British sense, not the American one!). Open for just six weeks, the place felt as if it was well established, somehow already part of the strong independent scene that Bold Street provides.

Some might feel that another café is hardly what Bold Street needs, but this little place competes on a level some might find attractive, mainly that of price. The coffees ranged from £1 to £1.50, and that included your fancy Lattes and Mochas. The range of food on offer does not extend beyond toasted sandwiches, paninis and cakes, but with fillings such as BLT and Advocado things could get interesting. Add to this freshly pressed organic juices for £2 and the availability of gluten free bread and The Stormy T Cup begins to look like a hidden gem.

So if you fancy somewhere small and laid back to rest your weary bones after a day shopping, especially one that isn’t going to break the bank, then why not try The Stormy T. In my opinion, it is worth it just as much to view the funky art on the walls, as it is to partake of their fine coffee, so go on, give it a whirl.

Roxy Gillespie