It is no secret that Liverpool is the home of many artisan and independent food and drink companies. A brief look around the new Baltic Market gives only a taste of what this city has to offer. A newcomer to this vibrant and exciting scene is Hami with his range of canned sodas.

Hami has always had ambitions to produce his own food and/or drink product. This lead to him working in an ingredients company where he told me he learned a lot about the industry. However, when he began frequenting bars for nights out in his mid 20’s he noticed something. “All the drinks were high in sugar, high in aspartame, high in artificial sweeteners, preservatives and e-numbers.” This inspired him to create a soda that was “all natural and preservative and artificial sweetener free…how a standard soft drink should be and should have always been.” Each can contains 4.9%  of sugar compared to the 10 – 12% you’ll find in most other brands.

In August of this year he set up The Soda Works and launched with three flavours. “I wanted to create something that was different to what was already on the market. We do have a lemonade but it contains a lot of lime so it’s quite tangy” he tells me as his chihuahua and Soda Works mascot Tiffin sits next to him begging for a treat. (We where going to include her in some of the photos accompanying this article but she was not in a very cooperative mood.)

The Soda Works Founder, Hami

The Soda Works Founder, Hami

In addition to Lemon and Lime, The Soda Works also produces Watermelon and Pineapple & Coconut.

The Soda Works is a Liverpool based company and Hami has plans to keep it that way. He intends to expand and employ people local to the area. March 2018 will see an expansion of the brand with a launch party and the addition of three new flavours.

The Soda Works has also come to the attention of a few spirit companies who like the fact The Soda Works can be used as a low sugar mixer. Just add rum to Pineapple and Coconut for a Pina Colada or Tequila to the Watermelon or try the Watermelon in a white wine to create a “Whitemelon.”

You can get hold of drinks by The Soda Works at..

Fodder Canteen – More Info

Evil Eye – More Info

Constellations – More Info 

And many other bars and cafes around Liverpool and Wirral.

Cases are also available from the website

The Soda Works can also be found on Facebook  & Instagram

Andy Sunley