So, Saturday night we were out watching the Champions League final and we had not eaten. Dangerous that. Slim’s Pork Chop Express have started a late night menu called the BBQ CLUB – perfect. After seeing Ronaldo score that winning pen I was driven to food, my go to comfort.

We arrived just before 10pm; the menu is available 10pm till late Thursday – Saturday and 9 till late through the week. We ordered some drinks – a Beavertown Neck Oil for me and a ‘Midnight Rambler’ gin cocktail for my partner. The Beavertown came in a can but with a frosted glass, great touch and as usual with the Beavertown it was lovely, great ale they do, them lads. We had received our BBQ Club menu at this point and I must say, the staff were very nice and helpful. The menu contains a good balance of hand held comfort food, much needed at that time of night, with the added ‘foodie’ additions such as the crayfish and soft shell crab – although there is a bit of a takeaway type feel – the food screams restaurant quality.

Slims Pork Chop Express Cocktail

We had to wait a while to order and received the Louisiana Crayfish while we browsed the menu. The crayfish was boiled in a spicy sauce served with sausage and corn finished in garlic butter – now, I’m not the biggest fan of fishy stuff anyway but my partner will give it a go. When it arrived we were surprised that it was still in its shell – as not the biggest seafood fan the legs and eyes were a bit much! I did try but sorry guys, it wasn’t for me. The corn and sausage were very tasty though in the spicy sauce and I’m sure the people out there without fear of crustaceans will love it.

By this time we had ordered. I decided against a shake… bit of a mistake I think as they looked good! All the usual flavours available but add a shot if you want for £7.50. Again, whilst ordering the staff were very attentive, and very knowledgeable in regards to the menu – our server offered to order the best parts of the menu so we could sample a bit of everything – as tempting as this was I had a one track mind and needed a burger! So we politely declined her offer and made our own order.

Slims Pork Chop Express BurgerWe went for the BBQ classic double – two grilled beef patties with melted cheese, onions, pickle, ketchup and mustard. We also ordered the kornflake fried chicken 4, 8 or 12 pieces – we opted for four at £7.00 these were tender strips of boneless chicken breast coated in a secret recipe and were served with hot sauce, Texas BBQ or BBQ mayo we went for all three. We also went for the skin on fries and the soft shell crab this was deep fried crab with a spicy batter, sticky char sui sauce and spring onion.

All the food came out in a takeaway style containers and the burger came takeaway style, wrapped in paper. All the food that we had chosen would go down well at anytime but definitely after a couple of drinks – I think this would be the target audience at that time of night. The crab was perfect, just enough batter to compliment it rather than take over it; plenty of ‘meat’ and the sticky sauce with the spring onions and chilli finished it off lovely.

Slims Pork Chop Express ChickenThe skin on fries were tasty enough and went well with the dips served with the fried chicken. The fried chicken itself was again lovely – crispy and crunchy on the outside, cooked perfectly and succulent on the inside. Must give a little shout out to the dips, they were all tasty I think the Texas BBQ was my favourite nice and thick more like that of a gravy.

Although everything was tasty, the BBQ classic double burger stole the show. It was a boss burger up there with the best I’ve had recently. Really, really, tasty – the classic ingredients all work well together, I know I’m waffling here but I couldn’t get enough of the flavours in each bite, I was devastated when I had finished it! A must for me if you go. They also have the option of a three pattie burger which I think would be awesome judging by the double I had.

All in all it was a very tasty, enjoyable experience. If you are peckish after a beer or two or just fancy eating a bit later give it a go. You can’t go far wrong with a relaxed atmosphere, great food and some tunes going off in the background. Decent.

Slim’s BBQ Club – Thursday – Sunday From 10pm

Slim’s Pork Chop Express Website

Steven Byrne