SHOP FLOOR, a one day pop-up store featuring Artworks, Records/Tapes/CDs, Skateboards, Merch and Korean Food.

Static Gallery
Product Records
Mersy Grit Skateboards Inc
Pzyk Records
Mellowtone Records
Minimum Backlift
A_E Vinyl/Tapes
Pro Jam Records
No Homers Club

Food by Kimchi Human
Drinks in Static Bar Area

The one day event coincides with STATIC launching its Online Store at 11am this Saturday 17th December.

The Store will include a range of artworks and publications from
practitioners: artists, musicians, writers and architects that Static have worked with since forming in 1998.

Also for sale is an ongoing selection of other items related to Static
Projects ranging from franchises, to posters to digital/analogue equipment.

The Store will also highlight a range of Unrealised Static Projects that require partnerships to complete.


Join the Facebook event page here for the latest news and announcements. 

Static, 23 Roscoe Lane, Liverpool, L1 9JD