Screentalk have quickly filtered through the pile, flying clean-through it with laser precision with the latest release of their second single, Amplified.

It’s unhinged, edgy and feels ready to kick off at any moment. The underlying harmony snakes its way through the song adding a layer of uncertainty, however the leaping key changes are a welcome addition and do lend themselves very well to the overall feeling of the song. Between the 5 members, Sean Currie (Lead Vocals), Stuart Mcnaughton (Keys/Synth), Sam Varney (Guitar), Gianpaolo Carnevali (Bass) and Dan Moore (Drums), they’ve created a riff-ready world of their own doing.

“Amplified, the band’s starting block, has stood the test of time. For our first song to have tussled its way to the upper echelons of the pile is testament to how good the song is.”

Sean Currie sums up their quick success, however these types of songs don’t get to where they are by chance. A combination of stadium sized choruses and intricate verses are moulded together by the electric indie-rock gel. The combination of electronic instruments and raw drums and guitars gives us a fairly unlimited sense of where their sound could develop. Some bands can often find themselves a little stereotyped, but Screentalk seem to have fallen upon something that can truly unfold and move, age and create.

Their Merseyside roots may obviously sway a little bit of bias for our readers, but their sound is completely eclectic. Kurran Karbal (Munkey Junkey, ZUZU) took the song under his wing over in his Birkenhead studio to give it a final oomph in terms of production, but otherwise the credit is down to the songwriting. Following on from Mountain Soda there’s really the feeling of excitement building beneath them as they plan to take the stage by storm.

Ultimately, a cracking second effort, and one that needs to be watched live to be swirled up in its emotion. Head over to their socials and stream Amplified in the meantime to tie you over until you buy some tickets to go see them.

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Michael Fell