Vibrant Liverpool based collective, Science of the Lamps, have released the video to accompany their latest single Straws.

Despite it’s upbeat pop core, Straws was written by leading musician Kaya Herstad – Carney following a string of bad luck in her personal life. The Norwegian born artist strives to produce music that uplifts the listener, something which is cleverly mimicked in the visuals for Straws. A mixture of live action and small animation techniques have been used to bring the song to life, not forgetting the bright colours that occupy the screen.

Quite appropriately ‘Science of the Lamps’ was dreamt up in an off the beaten track restaurant among the fairytale darkness of Prague. Mainly because of a misheard movie title, and an abnormal love for puns. Award winning for her songwriting, Kaya fronts the ensemble with charm, confidence and a four-octave range filled with dynamic expression. The addition of the gorgeous close vocal harmonies from ‘The Usherettes’ is that added special magic.

They’re a band that break through the barriers of genre, blending influences from Pop, Folk and Rock into their unique, eccentric sound. Some of their main inspirations include the likes of Jeff Buckley, Damien Rice, Nina Simone and David Bowie, each responsible for shaping an aspect of their sound.

You can catch Science of the Lamps live at Threshold Festival on 30 March ahead of their upcoming album production. To showcase their latest music, Science of the Lamps will be heading out on their next tour in the Spring with dates to be announced soon.

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