Due to a life full of inconvenient work commitments, I rarely get to participate in Record Store Day (RSDUK). However, this year may be different, so I’ve been taking a look at what the independent record shops in Liverpool are planning to mark the event. If you’re thinking of trying to get your hands on one of the special releases, you probably need to remember, as this is a special occasion, RSDUK stock is not available for pre-order and pressings are very limited. Most shops employ a queuing system, so be prepared to wait if there is something you want. On the up side, the stores often make a huge effort to spice up the proceedings, so it might be well worth the trouble.

Dig Vinyl have a special guest appearance by the iconic pop-punk maestro Adam Ant, visiting the Arts Club as part of his current tour. He is due to be performing in the Soho basement store on Bold Street at 2pm, and will be signing copies of the special vinyl re-issue of the legendary ‘Dirk Wears White Sox’ album. The limited edition vinyl will be available in store for those lucky enough to get one. In addition to the specially released music on offer, Dig are also offering 10% off none RSDUK stock.

Probe is a well-established independent record store serving the people of Liverpool since 1971. Having occupied a number of premises since the store can now be found at The Bluecoat Chambers, just at the side of the gates to the main entrance. Apparently, Probe are not doing anything ‘special’ for Record Store Day. However, there will be loads and loads of limited edition records, which sounds kind of special to me, although even Probe probably couldn’t fit in the whole 600ish Record Store Day releases.

3b Records, the ticket and record store on Slater Street will also be participating, so if you want to get your hands on dance and club RSDUK releases, this is the place.

In case I’ve missed anyone here, I would advise contacting your local store to see if they are participating. Some shops don’t agree with the whole concept, so it is best to check. If getting your hands on some very limited copies of your favourite band’s output floats your boat, then go onto the Record Store Day website http://recordstoreday.co.uk/ to see the 2015 releases. Remember though, especially in the small, independent record stores featured here, most stores will only have a limited amount of the full 600 titles available, so check to see what they are expecting from the record companies first.

Happy Record Store Day!

Roxy Gillespie