POLICE CAR COLLECTIVE’s new single I Guess It’s Over Now provides a more promising shoegaze sound that indie-pop bands have been trying to reshape for years. 

POLICE CAR COLLECTIVE are a new indie-pop duo made up of songwriter/vocalist Tyler Plazio and bassist Simon Quigley, whom derive their inspiration from contrasting walks of the music landscape, from Frank Ocean to The 1975.  Their latest track I Guess It’s Over Now is the lead single for their upcoming EP Dog Days

The song demonstrates a clear reflection of 90s shoegaze rock by opening with a dreamlike chorus effect on the guitar as it plays a simple yet tuneful melody, leaving Simon space to provide a breezy bassline underneath to help captivate a pop-esque ethereal sound. However, the lyricism in the verses is what draws this track away from ‘just another indie-pop track’ by providing a vocal melody and style that seems somewhat inspired by the Gallagher brothers. 

It’s this convention that prevents the track from seeming, for lack of a better word, ‘samey’ throughout. Most indie-rock tracks tend to provide a repetitive hook accompanied with a chorus effect on the guitar, and seem to think it’s enough, leaving the verses as a hollow lining in-between. I Guess It’s Over Now embraces these conventions whilst adding a layer of soulful lyricism and delivery in the verses, yet still falls back to a more contemporary chorus.

“‘I Guess It’s Over Now’ was the last song we wrote for the record actually, it almost didn’t make it. It came after I was just sat in my room for hours listening to Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine and things like that, and I just loved the raw emotion behind that whole shoegaze thing in the 90’s. I really just wanted to write something that had that emotion behind it but still felt modern.” – POLICE CAR COLLECTIVE

With their previous track K exemplifying many more pop conventions, we can be sure that the Dog Days EP will see more of this combination of 90s rock and contemporary music. This will give POLICE CAR COLLECTIVE a chance to reshape what indie-pop can be, provided that they keep at their current formula of songwriting.

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Harry Breen