Indie pop duo Police Car Collective have stormed onto the scene with their 80’s inspired debut track Mine.

Taking heavy inspiration from 80’s bands such as New Order and The Smiths, they take that classic sound and give it a facelift, taking production cues from The 1975. The track has a cathcy hook and with just one listen you can remember the guitar lines; it’s perfectly produced indie pop.

The band have a strong identity already with a stylish official website which is home to their Songs To Smoke To lyric book, showcasing some of their earlier work prior to their first official release.

Frontman Tyler Plazio describes Mine as the perfect sample of what makes Police Car Collective themselves. “It’s a song about high school really, I know that’s sort of an American concept, but I think the idea is pretty universal. It’s knowing that the future is coming, and on one hand you are excited, but on another hand you kind of wish you could just stay where you are.”

“Sonically we really wanted to capture the feeling of nostalgia, and that’s sort of what the whole record is trying to capture, just growing up and what comes with that. A lot of that has to do with Joey Burcham, who mixed and mastered the track along with the rest of EP, I sent him a pretty lengthy document about what feelings I wanted to convey with the songs and he really ran with it.”

We’re predicting big things for Police Car Collective; they have their image and style tied down but they also have the substance. Mine is certainly a song you could imagine hearing on commercial radio and we’re sure the track will be picked up by both local and national stations imminently.

If their first single is anything to go off then we’re extermely excited to hear the rest of their EP which hopefully will follow shortly.

Mine is available to stream on all major platforms now. Listen on Spotify.

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