For many, many years, intrepid men and women have circumnavigated the world in search of something that has consistently evaded those culinary conneseurs – the quest for the perfect mash. It has driven many to frustration and despair, but now I believe that the journey to the culinary holy grail has finally reached its conclusion. The perfect mash – consisting of those main qualities of texture, consistency and seasoning – can be found at the Liverpool Pieminister outlet.

Pieminister is a national franchise, which has a simple culinary manifesto that unlike many a politician, actually delivers in its aims. Its pie heaven – full stop. And we aren’t taking about the pies that you see with a flaky filo-pastry lid balanced on top, tottering like some Carillion sub-contract; no, these appear like proper old school Desperate Dan style pies that look like they have been closed and the lids laced up. Mrs Lovett would be proud of them.

The pies are visually exquisite. It’s an old adage, okay lets face it – a cliche – but they do taste as good as they look. After sharing a starter of Halloumi chips, deep fried with sweet chilli and lemon, my fellow gastronaut and I took up our mission with gusto. A common problem with halloumi is that it can be too salty, but these were perfect. Highly recommended. After careful consideration, I plumped for the fish pie – Catch 22 – which was a combination of scallops, prawn, hake and salmon, this was a pie was perfectly balanced and seasoned. The H went for the “Wild Shroom” – the perfect pie of wild mushroom and asparagus in a white wine sauce.Her smoky beans had a distinctive after-kick that will satisfy the hardiest of palates. Yummy.

Pieminister Liverpool Pies

Our deserts kept up the standards…..the mud pie and sticky toffee pudding (presented with swirly mouth pleasing ice cream) were right on the button. All washed down by a glass or two of IPA and a superbly executed “Gone With The Gin”…a cocktail of gin, ginger beer, elderflower and fresh lime. A refreshing palette cleanser.

The actual restaurant is very relaxing, with bright decor and booths made out of the trendy sawn wood, and actually serves as being an interesting spacial counterpoint to the traditional fayre on offer. Add into the equation the friendliness, knowledge and sheer enthusiasm of those “pieministers” Harvey, Sam, Barbara and Mario, you have a brilliant dining experience. It’s that good., and it gets my vote everytime. Yes Pie Minister!

Steve Kinrade