Peace Band Liverpool Gig

The gig was sold out. Must be a good, good feeling that, to start a tour knowing you’re hot property. I had never seen Peace live before, so this was one I was really looking forward to. Braving the wild weather, we made our way to The Kaz. Joining the expectant crowd half way through the rather excellent psychedelia of The Vryll Society, a stand-alone act with a future, worth catching again when I could give them my full attention, we insinuated ourselves into the crowd, eking out a space where we could see.

As usual at The Kaz, it took a long time for Peace to get onto the stage, but when they did, they wasted no time in making the space their own. Starting with ‘Bloodshake’ from the Delicious EP was a winner, the crowd were going wild from the outset, the band bringing the lush guitar perfection of the track to life. My only worry was that they might peak too early, but I needn’t have worried. Track after track pulled the loyal fans in closer and closer. ‘1998’, ‘Follow Baby’, ‘Money’, ‘California Daze’, they just kept coming. Harry Koisser might have asked the crowd not to boo the new tracks, but there was never any question of that. There was no down time, the mood and the music remained ebullient and triumphant throughout.

After the shortest gap ever between a main set and encores (apparently Peace have never done them and didn’t really do one this time!), and a quick snog between Harry and the showroom dummy , which had been precariously perched above them during the main set, the hits continued. The first outing of ‘I’m a Girl’ was amazing, the crowd already word perfect on a song that has only just started getting airplay and was posted online the day before. The crowd made it onto the stage during the last song, much to the displeasure of the bouncers and the obvious delight of the band themselves, Harry pushing his luck blowing kisses to the bouncer behind his back. Peace looked as if they had a brilliant laugh. The mood was sky-high, feel-good. The music had the crowd singing and dancing throughout. All I can say is it was one hell of a night!

Roxy Gillespie