Those loveable chaps from The Coral have done it yet again folks. Hot on the heels of their drummer Ian Skelly’s sumptuous single Captain Caveman, it’s now their guitarist Paul Molloy’s turn in the hot seat. Dungaree Day is a bundle of joy and the perfect introduction into Paul’s solo adventure as we await the release of his first album, The Fifth Dandelion on 21st August. 

An alarm clock rings at the start of the number as we rise to a day of leisure to be sound tracked by Molloy. “Wake your eyes and shine” is the first instruction and perfectly sets the mantra. Lyrically, it’s a joy to behold. A joy to be alive as we celebrate those days without responsibility and strain. There is nowhere we need to be. We just have to slip into our comfiest kecks and do what we best please.   “Sick of all those dull Mondays, I just want to have some fun today” after all, “it’s a dungaree day”. The melody is relentlessly exuberant, the metaphoric sun on our backs. The vocals and back in vocals are the birds that sing as we pass. 

Paul Molloy – Dungaree Day Video

A sound that appears somewhat of a throwback to the late 60’s/70’s but with a modern lick of paint. Rather Kinksy but has Molloy’s individual edge and wit in abundance. We do temporarily slope off ever so slightly in the final third of the track as the tempo drops for Paul and the back in vocal section to step forward and knit the track together in style. The sun comes down before we find a second wind from the drumbeat and dance off into the night chained to the rhythm of the convivial melody. 

So the 21 August then, get it in the diary and underline it in red pen. The blooming of The Fifth Dandelion. “I’m so excited now I’m almost feeling sick”

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Jamie Hankin