Oxjam Festival 2014

Taking place on 18th October 2014, the Oxjam Liverpool Takeover will stretch across seven venues, bringing over fifty artists to Liverpool’s Ropewalks and Baltic Triangle. Moving from acoustic music and family-oriented activities in the day onto heavier bands and electronica in the evening and into the night, the Takeover will feature a vast and diverse plethora of live music to suit all tastes.

Constellations/The Observatory; Blind Arcade / Greg Wilson / Bernie Connor / Danny Fitzgerald / Derek Kaye / Kermit & Organic Gav / Autocycle / John Higgs


East Village Arts Club; Breakfast Monkey / Sankofa / Inge Bremnes / Edge of Eden / Seprona / More TBA

Breakfast Monkey

Sound Food & Drink; Loka / Silent Cities / Ghostchant / D R O H N E / Sophia Ben-Yousef / Mick Flaherty / Chesmiko / More TBA

Maguires Pizza Bar; (ATLAS) / Saltwater Injection /  Carl Moorcroft / Pocket Apocolypse / The Hyena Kill / Astericks / Delca Kara / Taws

The Brink; The Witty Featherstones / Emilo Pinchi / Helena Johnson / Grace Hartrey / Jessie Solange / Ben Pavely & The Tides / Liv Gold / Liam McCullen / More TBA

House; The Velcro Teddy Bears / Deliah / Ghost Town Heroines / Alex Hulme / The Fleet / The Debt Stars / Daneil Astels / More TBA

Deliah Band Liverpool

RnB Duo Deliah Perform At House Bold Street

Oxfam Bold Street; Emilo Pinchi / Liam McCullen / Jessie Solange / The Witty Featherstones / Liv Gold / More TBA

Tickets £6 Here Does Not Include The 12 hour “Super Weird Happening” at Constellations / The Observatory in conjunction with Greg Wilson and Club Freeze.

Tickets For Constellations / The Observatory Are £12 (Oxjam Takeover Wristband Included) Here

For More Info On Oxjam Music Festival Visit Their Official Site Here

Having begun life in 2006, Oxjam has now seen over 1 million people attend a gig, helping raise over £2 million. Please visit Oxfam’s donation page to find out more about how you can help.