Ocean Waves Productions have built a solid reputation for supporting emerging Merseyside artists in the indie and rock scene – The Shipbuilders and The Sneaky Nixons, among others – but the production company’s latest project takes on an entirely new focus.

Crossing the waters (quite literally), the company have announced Ocean Waves Band, a collective of reggae, R&B, hip-hop, and funk artists. The project aims to bring together musicians from a diverse range of backgrounds, collating unique tracks which each tell their own story. Carlo Variola, Founder of Ocean Waves Productions, said that it was his “passion for exploring different cultures and so different musical styles” that led him to kickstart Ocean Waves Band.

The first release of the exciting new project is ‘It’s Like’, featuring Garfield Williamson (otherwise known as DJ Swallow). Recorded in Negril in Jamaica, Williamson’s homeland, the single embodies the heart of reggae music, transporting the listener to the sunny shores of the Caribbean island.

The single is a breezy assortment of trumpets, bass, keyboard, drums, and rhythm guitar, all to Williamson’s soft vocals. The steady pulse of instrumentals gives the track an endearing quality, and, when set against a backdrop of Jamaica’s dense jungles and expansive beaches, the track has a clear carefree vibe.

As we wait for winter to finish and the cold, dark days to finally come to an end, this track is a reminder that the summer season of fun, festivities and relaxation is just around the corner.

Stay tuned with all of the projects from Ocean Waves Band by following the Facebook page. You can stream ‘It’s Like’ through Spotify and purchase on iTunes.

Tilly Martin