New Noise September Edition

The summer that we have all craved for so badly is sadly on the wane; the nights are sneaking up on us, a gentle reminder that autumn is fast approaching.

But let us stay steadfast to the majesty of summer with a track released on September 3 – Alchemy – by Jade Thunder. With a name like this you may expect some guitar driven call to homage for the Pagan Gods of old, but  in reality you get a beautifully constructed composition that echoes Joni Mitchell at her very  best. Three minutes of perfect pop to resurrect the spirit of summer. Heavy play totally recommended. 

Released tomorrow is the latest offering of Jonny Taylor’s In The Sky, which is another corker. An instant toe tapper, its psych-pop greatness will tease you to want to throw some serious  celebratory shapes. The guitar work is box fresh, with Taylor’s vocal delivery channelling a West Coast Lennon to perfection. I could see myself ragging California roads with Taylor riding shot gun, the expanse of the American Dream stretching out before us. Another heavy rotator. 

One more early September contender is from The Merchants, who drop their fifth single  Daughter’s of Darkness. Now with a title like that, you may be expecting a down beat, morose  ballad. Instead you get quite the anthem, with lead singer Harry Bowness handling vocal duties  with an inherent, self assured swagger in the vein of Caleb Followill. The track highlights the  bands considerable musical chops, and you can immediately tell that these four lads know what  they are doing. 

The great thing about Helen Maw is that she sort of creeps up on you, the recognition of her obvious talent seeps into your consciousness like linseed onto aged oak. La Maw’s latest single  to drop – How I Feel – highlights the quality of her compositional work, harnessed with a taunt,  vital production that perfectly compliments the lyrical tone. Majestic is a fitting, and worthy description. How I Feel is available from this Friday, and is highly recommended.

Steve Kinrade