New Noise: July Roundup.

Ok, so June’s “Freedom Day” has been put back to July 19, but we still have a group of tracks that will herald our new found freedom in style. So first up is ex The Stamp’s Andrew Neal, with his country infused jig Paint The Dark which oozes fun and vitality. More please, Mr Neil!

Meanwhile, The Heavy North drop No Good, a precursor to their eagerly anticipated debut album Electric Soul Machine. Its moody magnificence is a real ear worm, and it conjures up that late night smoky bar vibe of memory and regret with well-worn ease. Superb.

New Noise More In Luv

More In Luv

It seems that the crew at Petty Management have been working night and day and straining every sinew for their charges. More In Luv release Like You, a “joyful indie pop banger” – it says here – which will already be out when you read this, and if you like the likes of The 1975, this could be a candidate for your personal playlist. Pleasant and uplifting, the phone sample has the capacity to either enthral or distract. Catch them at Jimmy’s Liverpool on the 23 July.

From the same stable, Jessica Luise’s debut EP Going In Blind on the 9 July. And its a corker! If you fell in love with Harriet Wheeler’s voice all those years ago, prepare to be smitten. Jessica has a voice that soars the stratosphere of dreampop heaven. Simply stunning. Jessica will be supporting More In Luv at Jimmy’s on 23 July.

New Noise Jessica Louise

Jessica Louise

I have always had a soft spot for tracks that start off with a driving drum beat, and Sinking by the Hushtones (feature image) easily joins this pantheon. It’s rare that I agree with what is written in the PR bumf, but I have to say, in this case, I completely endorse everything. Sinking is a rousing rock and roll song which demands you get up off your arse and start discharging some personal energy. And there’s an album coming to, which is something to really look forward to!

And to round off such musical riches, our the Modern Sky Mob will be releasing the latest track from Red Rum Club, Nightcalling – a “pin-sharp, three minutes of pure cocktail-swilling, dancefloor-carving magic”.

The post Covid world seems to be a little brighter.

Steve Kinrade