‘Pitch Black’ opens this week with mystery cocktails in a secret location.

You’ve probably heard of the restaurants serving up exciting food menus in absolute darkness, where you rely on your taste buds to guide your gastronomical adventure, right? Well now Pitch Black will be extending this concept to cocktails.

Developed by drink industry veteran Lee Baker who brings a wealth of knowledge accumulated through running and owning some of the most feted bars in London, the project boldly aims to shift the focus solely on the facets of flavour, aroma and mouthfeel as opposed to presentation.

The experience starts in a warmly lit space so that you can get your bearings and enjoy a glass prosecco before the lights go out and the tasting journey begins.

Pitch Black operates on a strict bookings only policy and it is only upon confirmation of booking that you’ll find out the location of the venue. Guests will find out all the details of their cocktails at the end of the night and be given recipes to go away with so they can re-create them at home and show off to their mates.

Tickets are £39 per person for a 90 minute experience and can be booked on the Pitch Black website here. Oh and check out their Instagram page here if you fancy a laugh!

Pitch Black Bar