Music Event Listings


5th Aidan Moffatt & RM Hubbert Leaf on Bold St Tickets

7th All The Luck In The World Studio 2 Tickets

8th BLOXX Sound Basement Tickets

10th Robert Vincent Arts Club Tickets

13th Sheafs Arts Club Tickets

14th King Nun Sound Basement Tickets

15th Tea Street Band District Tickets

16th Tea Street Band District Tickets

16th Seafoam Green’s Last Waltz Liverpool Philharmonic Hall Tickets

17th Monks Sound Basement Tickets

23rd Charity Shop Pop + Sheepy Craft Taproom FREE ENTRY

23rd JMSN Jacaranda Phase One Tickets

23rd Radio City Live Echo Arena Tickets

24th Larkins Sound Basement Tickets

29th The Amorettes Arts Club Tickets

30th Jordan Allen Arts Club Tickets


1st Pizzagirl Sound Basement Tickets

3rd Nathan Ball Jacaranda Tickets

5th The New Coast Sound Basement Tickets

7th Malcom Middleton EBGB’s Tickets

7th The Orielles Invisible Wind Factory Tickets

12th PAWS + Daddy Issues Studio 2 Tickets

15th The Mysterines The Zanzibar Tickets

More Dates To Be Added Soon