Milap, the UK’s leading Indian Arts & Culture company, is curating two days of inspiring and uplifting activities to mark International Dance Day on Tuesday 28 April and Wednesday 29 April, in collaboration with leading Indian Cultural resource, Sahapedia.

International Dance Day

Suitable for beginners and experts, audiences and academics alike, and both followers of Indian dance or just those who’re itching to get moving and explore the vibrancy of Indian culture. The jam-packed programme will offer something for everyone to enjoy.

Hosted across both Sahapedia and Milap’s Facebook pages over the two days, these events will feature a wide range of talks, mini-presentations and participatory sessions; they’ll explore costumes and make up, discover the influence of martial arts on dance, and explore traditional Indian folk dance,in addition to journeying through the much loved classical dance forms of India.

This 2 day celebration kicks off live on Facebook on Tuesday 28 April 2020 at 11am, featuring leading artists from India, Singapore, Australia and the UK presenting short performances & talks, and offering audiences the chance to get up a try some moves!

29 April – International Dance Day itself – will be a truly international affair, with an entire day of live events with artists participating from all over the world!

Milap’s International Dance Day Full Programme of Events

Visit for more detailed information on the programme or follow them on Facebook: Sahapedia & Milap Instagram: Milap Twitter: Milap