We experience Ma Boyles delightful outdoor dining.

If you google “time-slips” a reference comes up about an ex-policeman who states that he travelled back in time whilst walking up Bold Street in the early eighties. The experience left him shaken and confused. I suppose that if you were lucky, or unlucky enough to share the same experience, then Bold Street would be an ideal candidate. The street’s origins hark back to Jonas Bold, a noted slave merchant, sugar trader and banker. It is an area steeped in history, for all the good and bad that our city’s history evokes.

But what everybody would agree with is that Bold Street has its own particular atmosphere, and the same can be said for lower end of Tower Gardens that has been the home to Ma Boyles Alehouse and Eatery for 150 years. Based at the foot of Liverpool Parish Church, the area oozes history, so much so that you feel you have become displaced from the normal hustle and bustle of the city centre.

After the short walk down to Number 7 Tower Gardens – the home of Ma Boyles – we were met with the cordial conviviality of Adam, acting as Front of House. Indeed he, and later Jade, set the high standard of service that followed – a standard that you would be pushed to better in any other Liverpool establishment.

Ma Boyles Liverpool

Obviously sitting outside due to Covid 19 restrictions, it is very evident that the management have made the most of this outside space during lockdown. They have created a delightful area in the shadows of the church, where you can enjoy your food and beverage be divine decree. And what food!

We started by sharing separate portions of Chicken Strips and Nacho’s – all sublime. The chicken was succulent and very well accompanied by the crispiness of its coating, the corn tortillas lightness contrasted to the fieriness of the home-made salsa. However, any palate fires were easily quenched by the sour cream and guacamole. Our main courses of Ma’s Homemade Falafel and Ma’s Sizzling Halloumi Fajitas did not disappoint either; the falafel was especially good.

However, the crowning glory was the chocolate Cheesecake Special, which not only was the best I have ever tasted, but was exquisitely presented. This desert deserves to be exhibited up the road at The Tate. Obviously Ma Boyle has a culinary Picasso working for her.

Ma Boyles Restaurant Liverpool

Ma Boyle’s is very special. Not only is this old establishment a purveyor of fine food and drink, superb service and welcome, but it is positioned in a historic area, suitably off the beaten track, that gently percolates atmosphere and charm into your very spirit. It is the perfect venue to while away a lazy sunny afternoon, overlooking the green of the Liverpool Parish Church, at the very heart of where Liverpool transformed itself from the small fishing village to what our city is today. But this grand old lady it should be high on your places to visit, as we ease ourselves out of this latest lockdown.

You never know, the Ma Boyle experience may relax you so much that you experience your own form of time-slip. Or whatever you may wish to call it!

For more info visit maboyles.com

Steve Kinrade