Having recently signed to Soul Kitchen Records, Luke Royalty has released yet another fervent track of tranquil RnB.

Over the last year, Luke Royalty has demonstrated his creative abilities by consistently releasing tracks that reflect his gift for soulful melodies and captivating lyricism. His musical perfectionism paid off recently with him finally being signed to the rather fitting record label Soul Kitchen Records, which he has used to release his latest track I Do. Having recently removed some of his tracks off of Spotify, it seems that the market-conscious thinkers at the label are molding his digital presence in preparation for the singer to take off in the music landscape.

It appears that the young artist is continuously gaining momentum in both his following and songwriting abilities, as he sharpens his contemporary RnB sound by sticking to neo-soul guitar riffs and lo-fi beats – I Do sticks to this winning formula of course. However, much like his previous release I Could Get Used to This, I Do seems to have a creative lean towards a UK hip-hop style with its choppy lyrical flow. Perhaps after careful consideration over his previous and current work, both Luke and his new management team have decided on a creative path for the artist that hones in on his cultural and musical background. 

With this speculation in mind, it makes sense that I Do would latch onto a more hip-hop style in order to maintain a growing fan base that recognises Lukes consistent sound. Whilst this path may be audience lead, the track still maintains a degree of artistic authenticity with Luke demonstrating his musical ability on the guitar and passionate story telling through the lyrics. Commenting on the lyricism of the track, Royalty stated his appreciation of “honest and self-expressive song writing from artists that write in the same way they speak”, mirroring the honesty and effortless delivery of the songs lyrical content.

It would be criminal to not mention that the track is once again produced by the wonderfully talented Bob Mackenzie. Mackenzie has continuously brought out the best in Luke’s work, with the artist recently describing their chemistry as “unrivalled”. We can be sure that the Luke’s tendency to collaborate with Mackenzie is a musical quality that will persist throughout the artist’s career.

As this pandemic continues, we can take solace in the fact that artists such as Luke Royalty will continue to write and record new tracks for us to enjoy. Whilst we may not be able to indulge in the live experience just yet, we can continue to project these new songs into our hopeful future of happy hours and sunny venues.

Listen to I Do on Spotify now.

Harry Breen