Continuing his contemporary RnB sound, Luke Royalty’s new track I Could Get Used To This features Manchester rapper Sweets in order to provide a layer of loose attitude. 

Luke Royalty certainly demonstrated his creative value with his last single October Seven. Clearly demonstrating his inspirations as being that of Frank Ocean and Daniel Caesar, Royalty still managed to add his own personal touch to the genre with soulful guitar licks that tickled the track perfectly. 

I Could Get Used To This resumes his neo-soul infusion with a fervent delivery on the vocals, accompanied with his signature guitar solos in between verse which seem to work as a branding for his sound at the moment. With a chorus that will have you bouncing in your room alongside its funk riffs on the bass, the lyricism and instrumentation throughout the track have demonstrated that Royalty is capable of remaining consistent with his degree of songwriting. 

This consistency is complimented by Bob Mackenzie’s production which, like last time, has allowed the appreciation of Royalty’s musical talents to be optimised through perfect mixing. 

Having Manchester rapper Sweets feature on the track seems nonplus initially. Given that Sweets’ first single Smoking Area created a grime styled underpinning for his musical career, you wouldn’t have thought that the rapper would slide nicely into a track which consists of such raw passion. However, Sweets has demonstrated his versatility in adapting his flow with lyricism that works to compliment the passion of the track, yet adds a layer of attitude to the overall energy.

All things considered, I Could Get Used To This permits Luke Royalty to continue a comfortable rise through Liverpool’s music scene as a solo artist. Provided that he continues to collaborate with creatives whom share a passion for his sound, Royalty will be able to feed of their energy which will allow for a natural chemistry that produces more and more tracks such as this. 

I Could Get Used to This is out tomorrow and you can pre save the track on Spotify now.

Harry Breen

Photo Credit: Ryan Jones