One word to describe this track? Goosebumps. This beautiful new song by Loris and the Lion is 6 minutes of pure bliss.

Loris and the Lion are a Alternative Folk band from Liverpool and describe this new track as a ‘haunting tale of love and loss, freedom and captivity.’

The atmospheric opening of the track, distant sounds and tinkling piano transports you to another world as you wait with eager anticipation for the voices to come in. When they do, they sit so gently on top of the music. The voice of Georgia Harris in particular is stunning and has a beautiful tone, perfect for the mood of the song. The balance and difference between Harris’ voice and those accompanying her dulcet tones is sublime and makes for a fantastic track.

The instrumentation is subtle and simplistic throughout with occasional build ups of drums and a perfectly composed orchestral instrumental. The simplicity of the backing, although superb in its own right, allows the voices and the lyrics of the song to shine through. Despite the song being slightly longer than you would expect (6min 2secs), you are constantly captivated by the sounds and emotions they stir within you.

This song is beautiful, devastating and haunting all rolled into one and I for one cannot wait to hear more from this group. If Waxwing is anything to go by, then we are certainly in for a sonic treat when this group releases more of their music.

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Helen Maw