The Long Finger Bandits’ New Single ‘Black Delilah’ is a Haunting Cabaret
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Sometimes bands can’t be neatly packaged into a certain genre of music, and this couldn’t be truer for Long Finger Bandits. Switching from mellow folk and enchanting gypsy sounds to a boisterous jazz percussion and a dabble of punk, all in a dizzying whirl, the five-piece seems to be without musical limits.

They are no strangers to testing boundaries and dipping their toes into different waters. After a series of live performances over the past year, the band has wowed crowds every time, due not only to their unique sound, but due to their artful performances too.

There is no such thing as over-the-top. Everything is grandiose and lively, from the performance puppets they bring on stage right down to the flamboyant face paint worn by the band members (sometimes eerie Day-of-the-Dead-inspired, other times circusesque).

Newest single ‘Black Delilah’ is both haunting and spirited, flicking with ease between the harmonious duo female vocals and the stomping of brass instruments. It’s reminiscent of the Golden Age of jazz music in 1920s America, with its joviality.

The music video is the perfect pairing – as eccentric and whimsical as the band themselves, with a performer sprouting tree branches as fingers dancing and pirouetting across a moon spotlight backdrop stage.

It’s a nightmarish image but one that is frightfully enjoyable. That said, it seems there will always be an air of mysticism about the band, but this is precisely why they are so captivating.

Listen to all of the band’s singles over on their Bandcamp, and keep up with the latest band news on their Facebook page.

Tilly Martin