If you’re looking for a fresh new voice, you should definitely have a listen to Ady Suleiman’s wonderful tracks and demo’s on his Soundcloud page. The first track I heard was the wonderful live acoustic performance of Serious.  I’ve always believe that if an artist can sing acoustic, then that is a sign of great talent and this guy definitely has it.

Next I made my way to his demo of ‘Why You Running Away’, this track has a more upbeat feel to it, which you can’t help but head bop to as you listen. Its a nice little track that can be enjoyed by many no matter what genre you prefer. It’s lyrics focus on how running away isn’t productive when it comes to facing up to things. Kinda deep, yet with its poppy feel the lyrics don’t overwhelm you with it’s undertone.

This Liverpool/Nottingham based guy will definitely be going far, that is evident in his great demo’s already published on his Soundcloud. I would definitely recommend for you all to go take a listen!

Check Out Ady’s Soundcloud Page Here
Follow Ady on Twitter @AdySuleiman

Kristina Mazhindu