The Jacobins Liverpool

I seem to spend hours of my life waiting for The Jackobins to start their set, but on every occasion it has been well worth the wait. The time spent in hot, sometimes dingy, venues drinking overpriced beer fades into memory as soon as they hit the stage, an island of pure sound emerging from a sea of sound checks and mediocre support bands. Not that the bands they were sharing the stage with at Liverpool Calling were poor, but The Jackobins are a fine enough band to hold their own against such stiff competition.

It was obvious from the start that Dominic Bassnett’s soaring vocals backed by lush guitars and a tight, solid rhythm section were going to be a crowd pleaser. They may have been preaching to the converted in my case, but by the time they launched into ‘How Do You Face Life, with Veso’s guitar creating an immersive pool of sound you felt you wanted to dive into, my friends were on side.

Finishing the set with powerful anthems, like ‘The Otherside’ and ‘Prussia’ I don’t think we were the only ones who thought they totally rocked The Kazimier. The music they play may not be considered at the forefront of what’s deemed fashionable in the music press, but quality counts for a lot and The Jackobins have plenty of that. Keep on with the good work, lads, Liverpool and the rest of the world need you.

Roxy Gillespie