Jetta’s soulful vocals are set to carry her to success in 2014. Stepping out of the shadows of her previous backing-singer duties for Pamola Faith and Cee Lo Green, the limelight is now very much on the 23 year-old, Liverpool-born singer.

Her debut LP is due later this year but already she has gained a huge following, embarking on a tour of the United States and Canada, with a number of sold-out dates, at the end of the month and into April.

First single ‘Start A Riot’, in 2012, led to record deals with Polydor (UK) and LAVA/Republic Records (USA). The independently-produced video that accompanies the single truly captures Jetta’s tone of youth and having fun growing up in spite of changing relationships. A series of clips of the singer and her friends play over her powerful vocals, making sure that, like her chorus, you want to ‘run away with [her]’ to life’s next adventure.


There is something truly raw in Jetta’s vocals which adds to her charm. She is not a singer to be missed. Her fashionable biker-leather-meets-soul-sister image is something fresh and young, that really compliments the lyrics and instrumentals. She has the electro dance beats of The XX, the solid vocals of Florence + The Machine, and the punchy attitude of Annie Lennox. The confidence in her lyrics reflects her musical upbringing so that it is no surprise that both parents have careers in the music industry.

Follow-up singles on the ‘Start A Riot’ EP, ‘Can You Hear Me Now’ and ‘Feels Like Coming Home’, continue her catchy rhythms and choruses. The drum-beats and backing guitars make the songs unavoidable to dance to, in a club or your bedroom. ‘Feels Like

Coming Home’ is slightly more stripped back but Jetta’s ability to switch between dance beats and anthemic vocals just shows the emotion within all of her songs. The young singer is definitely one to watch!

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