When Africa Oye’s 25th Anniversary festival wraps up at Sefton Park, those wanting to carry on the party should make the short journey to the city centre where a host of Liverpool-based promoters and venues have put together fantastic Oyé after parties to keep you dancing into the small hours.

The parties will feature a dazzling array of African and world styles, including Afrobeat, reggae, dub, highlife, soukous, deep Afro house, disco, dancehall, Afro funk, jazz, huduro, Afrobeats, soul, and tropical sounds.

A percentage of all proceeds from the afterparties go towards keeping the festival free for years to come.

Here’s what’s on offer:

Kazimier Garden
Pre-Party AND After-Party
16th June / 17th June, 2017

Pre Party Event Page / After Party Event Page

Africa Oye Kazimier Party

24 Kitchen Street
Sat 17th June, 2017

Focusing on upfront styles that have got dancefloors moving across Africa and it’s diaspora, from Kingston to Cape Town & Lagos to London.

Tickets: £3 via Skittle

24 Kitchen St Africa Oye

Hangar 34
Sat 17th June, 2017

Presented by Hustle and Liverpool Disco Festival…featuring The Mighty Zaf, Aluku Rebels and more!

Tickets: £5 / Limited FREE via Skiddle

Hangar 34 Africa Oye

Wide Open at Sound Food & Drink
Sat 17th June, 2017

A late night FREE afro-disco after-party in Sound on Duke Street.
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Sound Africa Oye