Whether you’re looking to kick off a new year resolution or just want to learn a valuable new skill, you can learn sign language with this upcoming course.

In today’s world, communication has never been more important. From face masks which hinder visual cues useless, to those that rely on lip-reading to assist in their day-to-day lives there’s so many obstacles at a time where awareness has never been higher.

It’s an incredible time to learn about such issues and also give yourself an amazing skill and communication tool in the meantime. Teacher of the Deaf Sean Chandler has been Deaf all his life.

Growing up in Liverpool he taught in Knotty Ash, where the deaf resource base for deaf children in Liverpool has been. He has also performed with the signing choir in Liverpool for Children in Need. A hugely talented musician and conductor, he lends his skills across the board, most recently focusing his efforts in helping people.

He teaches Deaf children and young people through sign language (BSL, SSE and SEE) and has extensive experience working in the Deaf community through his work with Music and the Deaf, The National Deaf Children’s Society and his own flourishing freelance career. His aim is to bridge the gap between the Deaf and hearing world by teaching deaf awareness and sign language to those who are interested.

One of the most positive and inspiring humans you’ll ever have the chance to meet, Sean will be giving you the opportunity to take part in learning all about awareness and sign language.

Over three online weekly sessions, Sean will introduce Deaf Awareness, guide you through the deaf-assisting technology which Deaf people use every day and will explore D/deaf/F culture. As well as this, he will teach all participants the basics of sign language and will help your confidence in meeting and communicating with Deaf people.

If you’re interested and would like to get involved, email thingwoidaraes@gmail.com or follow him on social media, Twitter: @thingwoidaraes Instagram: @2justsing

Michael Fell