The Liverpool band Last Heart have brought out an EP called Blood and Bone. The Lomax stalwarts have even managed to get Frank Hedges to sing on one of the tracks, making this a very personal record for the people supporting the re-opening of the grass-roots music venue.

The band play a loose, rock/blues, and the tracks here showcase some fine slide guitar and clean, up- front rock vocals, especially on my favourite of the four tracks ‘Say Please’. Here the guitar work shimmers like a heat haze on a desert highway, just languid enough to suggest the warmth of summer, which paired with the crisp, clear vocals make this a winner.

‘Blood & Bone’ again had the rock vibe and a strong chorus. The vocals vied for centre stage with the guitar, both being compelling and evocative. This song was much slower and not so up-beat, but still had a lot of spirit.

Last Heart Band

‘6 pound 50’ was another slower track. For me this was the song with least appeal, although the subject matter, betting addiction, was a worthy one. I felt the lyrics seemed awkward and the song didn’t hang together as well as some of the other tracks.

Nailing their colours to the mast, Last Heart have enlisted Frank from The Lomax to do guest vocals on the last track, a second rendering of ‘Blood & Bone’. I actually quite liked the contrast his deeper voice gave the track. Perhaps the band should consider having him on backing vocals on a permanent basis!

Overall, this is a fair offering. It doesn’t break any new territory, but Last Heart have the ability to put soul into their songs without straying into the realms of overblown sentimenality. The melodious element of the music comes through well, and for the most part the EP is lyrically sound. The band are taking time off to honour family commitments and to develop their sound, which should prove a fruitful hiatus. Expect to hear a lot more from Last Heart in the future.