This isn’t a throwaway, patronising, woman hating statement, but the new download from the
Liverpool Lo-fi trio, Ladies. And, the philosophical statement is a pretty apt one, because life isn’t
all about winning. there are peaks and troughs – just like the events in Kiev and Allardyce-era

The thing that I really love about this band is that they knock out some great tunes, and have a
musical sensibility that reminds me of some of the great bands that I have liked over the years.
There is a quintessential Englishness about them, reminiscent of the psych-pop of the late 1960’s.
For example, their close harmonies remind me of the mighty Orange Bicycle, and I really like that
you hum not only the chorus hook, but the repetitive guitar line. The vocals float serenely over the
tastefully distorted guitars, “sometimes…you’ve just got to lose”

This is a track that you need to check out – fast; and while you are at it take in their other tracks
to. I can see “Sometimes You’ve Just Got To Lose” being inserted into many a Spotify playlist. It
will act as the perfect accompaniment to long hazy summery evenings, where you tend to take
stock of the world and realise that being alive and taking part is what is important. The Ying to the

To find out more about Ladies, follow them on Facebook here.

Steve Kinrade