A drumbeat kickstarts KEEF’s fifth single In This Town before the guitars step forward and get the ball rolling on a throwback indie/psychedelic adventure. 

The idea of place is explored frequently by songwriters far and wide, but KEEF approach matters from a different perspective as they give column inches to the darker nature of your neck of the woods. “In this town” precedes pretty much every cutting indictment for the length of the track as KEEF get the pitchforks out and deliver a few home truths. A fantastic imagery is created throughout from these melancholic briefings, particularly of chemicals hanging around and people building you up, just to knock you down. 

The track has a feel of early Temples to it, akin to Shelter Song but with a more sinister tone and gnarl. The lead singer’s vocals steal the show and provide the base for everything good that follows. His remarkably dulcet tone feels deliberate and wears this number perfectly. The structure of the track is bang on the money and the deviations in tempo and pace are notable throughout so that we, the listener can take this track in the way we we’re meant to. The last minute and a half is a sea change as the tempo drops momentarily and the mood becomes more light-hearted before the string section land a counter punch and see us out with more ferocity than we bargained for in the four minutes prior. 

On the evidence of this, their fifth single, KEEF are firing on all cylinders and holding no punches. It can be very romantic to talk glowingly of a place however it can also be just as therapeutic to throw our cards on the table and shed light on the darkness everyone pretends not to see. An excellent track from the industrial town rockers. 

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Listen to In This Town on Spotify from Friday 13 November, along with their previous singles.

Jamie Hankin