Fresh into our Liverpool Noise postbox we were welcomed with the first official release of Katy Alex, who is currently one of the most exciting new voices to emerge from the already burgeoning Liverpool music scene.

Sucker For Love was still on the horizon when Katy signed her first record and publishing deal after being nominated for a Youth Music Award and was also shortlisted for BBC Introducing’s Live Lounge to name but a few of her accolades.

The release has been paved with a host of Liverpool based creatives and musicians who have formed a strong team that have guided and moulded her journey. Having teamed up with production partner Alex Quinn (Michael Aldag, Abbie Ozard) in Parr St Studios, whilst Mike Cave (Lewis Capaldi, CamelPhat) was on mastering duties, she has ensured that she has the tools to create a strong collection of work. She has also enlisted the help of famed, local artist, Neil Keating (Converse, Jagermeister), to create her artwork.

Musically speaking, Sucker For Love gently toys with the emotions of both self-worth, and battling with the unadorned love you may feel for a past partner, toxic or not. Its sparse and open introduction boasts a satisfying blend of harmony and intruige pulling you in closer. The song gradually reveals more and more about the nature of the relationship, with poignant moments wonderfully highlighted.

Speaking about the song, Katy said: “Sucker For Love is a scandalously flirtatious pop banger, telling a story about the heart-racing emotions felt when finding that special someone that sparks raw lust. We’ve all had that sweaty-palm, tongue tied kind of crush on someone, so I wanted to play with those feelings by building the track around the initial lyric “I’ve got a guy at home ringing up my phone”. I just thought it was super cheeky and playful, and kind of a big F you to my ex who treated me like crap for years.”

Taking a look at Katy’s inspirations, her sound strives to be unashamedly Scandinavian taking cues from influences such as Robyn, Sigrid and Zara Larsson whilst ensuring that the parochial charm of past-Liverpudlian songwriting heavyweights is nodded to.

The results are ear-worm inducing melodies showcasing a certain knack for clever lyricism and turns of phrase that are all too catchy and smile-inducing to ignore.

While Katy’s beginnings in Liverpool at the age of 16 seems familiar, her ambitions and goals are anything but. Expect to see a lot more of Katy Alex.

Stream Sucker For Love now.

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Michael Fell

Photo credit: Sam Crowston