Meet Esty Tomas, the man who can fly across buildings, scale them like Spiderman and hang off them like it’s the most natural thing in the world. That’s because to him, it is.

When did you first start parkour and climbing buildings?

I first started doing parkour around 12-13 years ago when my older brother started training, climbing buildings is something that I’ve only started to do in recent years.

Esty Tomas Liverpool Parkour

What’s been your favourite building to climb?

My favourite climb would have to be the Eiffel Tower in 2015, me and my friend James Kingston took a trip over to Paris and managed to scale up the side. We spent 6 hours exploring the top before being caught by police.
Esty Tomas Liverpool

Favourite Liverpool building you’ve climbed?

That’s a hard one.. there’s a few different kind of styles in which you get to the top, some require simply getting lucky and finding access from the inside and others require a lot more intricate methods i.e. climbing drainpipes, personally i enjoy them ones the most.

Have you got into trouble for your climbing escapades?

I’ve been caught by police a number of times but I’ve never really had much trouble, I’ve never shown any disrespect to police and because of that they never tend to take it any further than moving us along.

Esty Tomas Liverpool

Have you ever injured yourself, broken bones or any close calls?

I never really push myself to doing something that I’m not comfortable with so broken bones and close calls don’t happen at all.

Esty Tomas Liverpool Radio CityWhat would you say to people who criticise what you do?

I understand why people see what I do as dangerous but i also know they don’t see what goes into it. I’ve practised parkour for a long time now and I understand what my limits are, I dont think getting blind drunk every friday night is the best lifestyle choice but I dont criticise anyone elses life choices so why should someone feel the need to criticise mine…do what makes you happy! Each to their own.

Do you plan on climbing more buildings soon?

I don’t really tend to plan climbs its more of a spontaneous thing, at the moment all I’m focused on is travelling more and seeing more of the world.

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