Since 2012, Fleetmac Wood have been hosting their tunnel-visioned event with an extensive back catalogue of Fleetwood Mac. With curated and created remixes and edits they have shared their passion with like-minded hedonists all over the world. They will be returning to Liverpool for the third time with their White Winged Love Disco with DJs Roxanne Roll & Smooth Sailing playing remixes and edits of the Mac, crafted for the dance floor.

Glastonbury to Robot Heart (Burning Man), from fabric London to Kantine am de Berghain. They’ve twirled through mud, dust, lasers and lasers. If you haven’t heard of their project before then have a listen to what it’s all about:

To celebrate the return of Fleetmac Wood, the club night that turns classic Fleetwood Mac tracks into dance anthems, to Liverpool’s Invisible Wind Factory; we have put together our top five remixes and covers of Fleetwood Mac favourites to get you in the mood for the hedonistic disco rave.

Fleetmac Wood Presents White Winged Love Disco at The Invisible Wind Factory
Friday, 7 June 2019 from 22:00-02:00
Advance Tickets available here.

Photo Credit: Nick Mizen